DS/TBR 26:1998#

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This final draft Technical Basis for Regulation (TBR) specifies the technical requirements that apply to Land Mobile Earth Stations (LMESs) for compliance with Articles 4.1 and 4.3 of Council Directive 93/97/EEC [1]. These LMESs have the following characteristics: – The LMESs are operating in one or more frequency ranges of the Land Mobile Satellite Service (LMSS): – 1 525,0 MHz to 1 544,0 MHz (Space – Earth); – 1 555,0 MHz to 1 559,0 MHz (Space – Earth); – 1 626,5 MHz to 1 645,5 MHz (Earth – Space); – 1 656,5 MHz to 1 660,5 MHz (Earth – Space); – The LMESs could be either vehicle mounted or portable equipment; – The LMESs could consist of a number of modules including a keyboard interface to the user; – The LMESs are operating as part of a satellite network used for the distribution and/or exchange of information between users; – The LMESs are controlled and monitored by a Network Control Facility (NCF). The NCF is outside the scope of this TBR.

Antal sider: 22

Udgivet: 1998-10-28

Godkendelsesdato: 1998-08-14

ICS: 33.060.30 - Radiokæde- og faste satellitkommunikationssystemer

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