ISO 9386-1:2000

Power-operated lifting platforms for persons with impaired mobility – Rules for safety, dimensions and functional operation – Part 1: Vertical lifting platforms

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This part of ISO 9386 specifies the safety rules, dimensions and functional operation for permanently installed
power-operated vertical lifting platforms intended for use by persons with impaired mobility when standing or sitting
in a wheelchair, with or without an attendant.
It specifies requirements for lifting platforms
a) installed within enclosed liftways, and
b) whose design or location permits their use without an enclosed liftway.
It is restricted to the following lifting platforms:
a) those which travel between fixed levels;
b) those without liftway enclosure and without floor penetration:
1) with travel up to 2,0 m,
2) in private dwellings with travel up to 4,0 m;
c) those with liftway enclosure with travel up to 4,0 m;
d) those whose rated speed does not exceed 0,15 m/s;
e) those whose line of travel does not exceed 15° from the vertical and;
f) those whose rated load is not less than 250 kg.
This part of ISO 9386 does not specify every general technical requirement for all aspects of the electrical,
mechanical or building construction.
As far as possible, this part of ISO 9386 specifies only the requirements that materials and equipment need to meet
in the interests of safety and functional operation.
Requirements are also included for protection against harmful influences which may be experienced by equipment
installed in external locations.

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