BIP 0064:2007

BIP 0064:2007)

Information security incident management. A methodology by Neil Hare-Brown



This book offers a guide to managing an information security incident. It can help you investigate and recover from any information security incident.

One key mechanism by which risk of loss can be minimized is through the sound detection, investigation and recovery from information security incidents as and when they occur. This ability to respond to and manage incidents in a consistent way also supports confidence in the organization as a trustworthy processor of information.

Using the international standard ISO/IEC 27002 (formerly ISO/IEC 17799) and the technical report ISO/IEC TR 18044 , this book provides guidance on standard policy, requirements and methodology for information security incident response and management across many organizations, both commercial and government.

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ICS: 35.020 - Informationsteknologi (IT). Generelt 35.040 - Tegnsæt og informationskodning

Varenummer: M259391

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