ASTM D7660 - 10(2018)

Standard Guide for Conducting Internal Pressure Tests on United Nations (UN) Packagings

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1.1 This guide is intended to provide a standardized method and a set of basic instructions for performing internal and hydrostatic pressure testing on packaging designs.1.2 This guide provides information to help clarify various terms used as part of the United Nations (UN) certification process that may assist in determining the applicable test.1.3 This guide provides the suggested minimum information that should be documented when conducting pressure testing.1.4 This guide provides information for recommended equipment and fittings for conducting pressure tests.1.5 This guide is based on the current information contained in 49 CFR, §173.27 and §178.605.1.6 When testing packaging designs intended for hazardous materials (dangerous goods), the user of this guide shall be trained in accordance with 49 CFR §172.700 and other applicable hazardous materials regulations such as the ICAO Technical Instructions, IMDG Code, and carrier rules such as the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.1.7

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ICS: 55.040 - Emballeringsmaterialer og tilbehør

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