ISO 6356:2012

Textile and laminate floor coverings -- Assessment of static electrical propensity -- Walking test

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ISO 6356:2012 specifies a method of evaluating the electrostatic propensity of textile and laminate floor coverings under controlled conditions. Since the potential generated varies with humidity, shoe materials, walk surface and individuals' mannerisms, the values generated by this test will not necessarily duplicate actual field experience, but will provide a relative comparison of the performance of different surfaces.
For classification purposes and in cases of dispute, the measurement procedure specified in ISO 6356:2012 can be used under controlled conditions specified in the relevant classification standard or agreed between disputing parties. There may be occasions where measurements are required under non-controlled conditions, e.g. in situ measurements on installed floor coverings. The principle of measurement using the equipment specified in ISO 6356:2012 can be used to make measurements, either with the standard footwear specified or with specific footwear relevant to the end use.

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Udgivet: 2016-04-15

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ICS: 59.080.60 - Textilgulvbelægninger

Varenummer: M233386

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  • ISO/TC 219
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