DS/EN ISO 4892-3:2016

Plast – Metoder til eksponering for lyskilder i laboratorier – Del 3: Fluorescerende UV-lamper

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This part of ISO 4892 specifies methods for exposing specimens to fluorescent UV radiation, heat and
water in apparatus designed to simulate the weathering effects that occur when materials are exposed
in actual end-use environments to global solar radiation, or to solar radiation through window glass.
The specimens are exposed to fluorescent UV lamps under controlled environmental conditions
(temperature, humidity and/or water). Different types of fluorescent UV lamp can be used to meet all
the requirements for testing different materials.
Specimen preparation and evaluation of the results are covered in other International Standards for
specific materials.
General guidance is given in ISO 4892-1.
NOTE – Fluorescent UV lamp exposures for paints, varnishes and other coatings are described in ISO 11507.

Antal sider: 28

Udgivet: 2016-04-28

Godkendelsesdato: 2016-04-07

Internationale relationer : EN ISO 4892-3:2016 IDT ISO 4892-3:2016 IDT

ICS: 83.080.01 - Plast. Generelt

Varenummer: M301258

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  • CEN/TC 249
  • ISO/TC 61/SC 6
  • ISO/TC 61/SC 6
  • ISO/TC 61/SC 6/WG 2
  • ISO/TC 61/SC 6/WG 2

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