DSF/prEN IEC 62443-2-1:2019 ( Forslag )

Sikre IACS-netværk – Del 2-1: Certificering af ejere af IACS-aktiver



IEC 62443‑2‑1 specifies asset owner security program (SP) requirements for an industrial

automation and control system (IACS). This document uses the broad definition and scope of what
constitutes an IACS as described in IEC 62443‑1‑1. In the context of this document,
asset owner also includes the operator of the IACS.

This document recognizes that the lifespan of an IACS can exceed twenty years, and
that many legacy systems contain hardware and software that are no longer supported. Therefore, the
SP for a legacy system may address only a subset of the requirements defined in
this document. For example, if its software is no longer supported, security patching requirements
cannot be met. Similarly, backup software for older systems may not be available for
all components of the IACS. As a result, this document recognizes that not all
requirements can be met by legacy systems. In situations where specific
requirements or subsets of requirements are applicable but unable to be
implemented in legacy systems, then compensating countermeasures should be implemented
where possible.

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