DSF/prEN IEC 62056-3-1:2019 ( Forslag )

Overførsel af elmålerdata – DLMS/COSEM – Del 3-1: Brug af lokalnetværk på parsnoede kabler med bærebølgesignalering

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This part of IEC 62056 describes two sets of profiles: the first set of profiles allows a
bidirectional communication between a client and a server. This set of profile is made of three
profiles allowing local bus data exchange with stations either energized or not. For non
energized stations, the bus supplies energy for data exchange.Three different profiles are
• base profile: this three-layer profile provides remote communication services;
NOTE – This first profile has been published in IEC 61142:1993 and became known as the Euridis standard.
• profile with DLMS: this profile allows using DLMS services as specified in IEC 61334-4-
NOTE – This second profile has been published in IEC 62056-31 Ed. 1.0:1999;
• profile with DLMS/COSEM: this profile allows using the DLMS/COSEM Application layer
and the COSEM object model as specified in IEC 62056-5-3 Ed. 1.0:– and in
IEC 62056-6-2 Ed. 1.0:– respectively.
The three profiles use the same physical layer and they are fully compatible, meaning that
devices implementing any of these profiles can be operated on the same bus. The transmission
medium is twisted pair using carrier signalling and it is known as the Euridis Bus.
The second set of profiles allows unidirectional communication between a given Energy
Metering device and a Customer Energy Management System. This second set is made up of
three profiles.
The clauses 4.2.1 to 8 included specify the bidirectional communication using twisted pair
signalling and clauses 9 to 9.5 the unidirectional communication using twisted pair signalling.

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