DS/EN IEC 61496-3:2019

Maskinsikkerhed – Berøringsløst beskyttelsesudstyr – Del 3: Særlige krav til udstyr til optoelektroniske sikkerhedsindretninger følsomt over for diffus refleksion (AOPDDR)

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This part of IEC 61496 specifies additional requirements for the design, construction and testing of electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) designed specifically to detect persons or parts of persons as part of a safety-related system, employing active optoelectronic protective devices responsive to diffuse reflection (AOPDDRs) for the sensing function. Special attention is directed to requirements which ensure that an appropriate safety-related performance is achieved. An ESPEcan include optional safety-related
functions, the requirements for which are given both in Annex A of this document and in Annex A of IEC 61496-1:2012.
This document does not specify the dimensions or configurations of the detection zone and its disposition in relation to hazardous parts for any particular application, nor what constitutes a hazardous state of any machine. It is restricted to the functioning of the ESPE and how it interfaces with the machine.
AOPDDRs are devices that have either
- one or more detection zone(s) specified in two dimensions (AOPDDR-2D), or
- one or more detection zone(s) specified in three dimensions (AOPDDR-3D)
wherein radiation in the near infrared range is emitted by an emitting element(s).
When the emitted radiation impinges on an object (for example, a person or part of a person), a portion of the emitted radiation is reflected to a receiving element(s) by diffuse reflection. This reflection is used to determine the position of the object.
Opto-electronic devices that perform only a single one-dimensional spot-like distance measurement, for example, optical proximity switches, are not covered by this document.
This document does not address those aspects required for complex classification or differentiation of the object detected.
This document does not address requirements and tests for outdoor application.
Excluded from this document are AOPDDRs employing radiation with the peak of wavelength outside the range 820 nm to 950 nm, and ...

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Udgivet: 2019-02-21

Godkendelsesdato: 2019-02-18

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ICS: 13.110 - Maskinsikkerhed 31.260 - Optoelektronik. Laserudstyr

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