ISO 15534-1:2000

Ergonomic design for the safety of machinery – Part 1: Principles for determining the dimensions required for openings for whole-body access into machinery

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This part of ISO 15534 specifies the dimensions of openings for whole-body access into machinery as defined in
ISO/TR 12100-1. It provides the dimensions to which the values given in ISO 15534-3 are applicable. Values for
additional space requirements are given in annex A. This part of ISO 15534 has been prepared primarily for nonmobile
machinery; there may be additional specific requirements for mobile machinery.
Dimensions for passages are based on the values for either the 95th or the 99th percentiles of the expected user
population. Values for the 99th percentile apply to emergency egress routes.
The anthropometric data given in ISO 15534-3 originate from static measurements of nude persons and do not
take into account body movements, clothing, equipment, machinery-operating conditions or environmental
This part of ISO 15534 shows how to combine the anthropometric data with suitable allowances to take these
factors into account.
Situations where people are to be prevented from reaching a hazard are dealt with in ISO 13852.

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ICS: 13.110 - Maskinsikkerhed 13.180 - Ergonomi

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