DS/EN 1047-2:2019

Enheder til sikker opbevaring – Klassifikation og metoder til prøvning af brandmodstandsevne – Del 2: Datarum og databokse

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This part of the European Standard EN 1047 specifies requirements for data rooms and data containers. It includes a method of test for the determination of the ability of data rooms and data containers to protect temperature and humidity sensitive data media (see 3.5) and hardware systems (see 3.6) from the effects of fire. A test method for measuring the resistance to mechanical stress (impact test) provided by data rooms type B and data containers is also specified.

Requirements are also specified for test specimens, the technical documentation of the test specimens, materials specimens, physical fittings, the correlation of test specimens with the technical documentation and the preparation for type testing, as test procedures as well as the series production.

In addition, a scheme to classify data rooms and data containers from the test results is given (see Table 1).

As well as providing protection against fire, correctly installed data rooms and data containers offer a defined protection against impacts caused by failure during fire of components and objects external to the data room or data container.

Data rooms and data containers having the same design, protection and construction features (type and thickness of construction and protective materials, rebate geometry, lockings, doors, etc.) will only be given the same protection classification as that of the test specimen if the tolerances are within the ranges specified in Clause 7.

NOTE – This European Standard does not regulate the use of data rooms in the meaning of the building laws of the respective countries. In the construction of data rooms, it is advised to consider the respective national requirements.

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Udgivet: 2019-04-09

Godkendelsesdato: 2019-04-08

Internationale relationer : EN 1047-2:2019 IDT

ICS: 13.220.40 - Materialers og produkters antændelighed og modstandsevne ove 13.310 - Beskyttelse mod kriminalitet 35.020 - Informationsteknologi (IT). Generelt

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  • CEN/TC 263
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