ASTM C1134 - 17

Standard Test Method for Water Retention of Rigid Thermal Insulations Following Partial Immersion

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1.1 This test method determines the amount of water retained (including surface water) by rigid block and board thermal insulations used in building construction applications after these materials have been partially immersed in liquid water for prescribed time intervals under isothermal conditions. This test method is intended to be used for the characterization of materials in the laboratory. It is not intended to simulate any particular environmental condition potentially encountered in building construction applications.1.2 This test method does not address all the possible mechanisms of water intake and retention and related phenomena for rigid thermal insulations. It relates only to those conditions outlined in 1.1. Determination of moisture accumulation in thermal insulations due to complete immersion, water vapor transmission, internal condensation, freeze-thaw cycling, or a combination of these effects requires different test procedures.1.3 Each partial immersion interval is

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