ASTM C1685 - 15(2021)

Standard Specification for Pneumatically Applied High-Temperature Fiber Thermal Insulation for Industrial Applications

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1.1 This specification covers the composition, thermal performance, sound absorption performance, and physical properties of high-temperature fiber thermal insulation for use at temperatures from ambient to 3000°F (1649°C).1.2 The dry, loose high-temperature fibers shall be pneumatically conveyed to a chamber where they are mixed with a water-based chemical binder and then conveyed to a nozzle.1.3 The pneumatically applied, high-temperature fiber insulation is intended for use in industrial applications on flat, or nearly flat, surfaces. It is not intended for use on pipes.1.4 This specification addresses the use performance of this material in both thermal and acoustical applications.1.5 This specification does not address the requirements for fire-resistive insulation, but it does not preclude this material’s use in that capacity.1.6 This is a material specification only and is not intended to cover methods of application that are provided by the manufacturer.1.7 The values stated i

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ICS: 27.220 - Varmegenvinding. Varmeisolering

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