ASTM C680 - 19

Standard Practice for Estimate of the Heat Gain or Loss and the Surface Temperatures of Insulated Flat, Cylindrical, and Spherical Systems by Use of Computer Programs

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1.1 This practice provides the algorithms and calculation methodologies for predicting the heat loss or gain and surface temperatures of certain thermal insulation systems that can attain one dimensional, steady- or quasi-steady-state heat transfer conditions in field operations.1.2 This practice is based on the assumption that the thermal insulation systems can be well defined in rectangular, cylindrical or spherical coordinate systems and that the insulation systems are composed of homogeneous, uniformly dimensioned materials that reduce heat flow between two different temperature conditions.1.3 Qualified personnel familiar with insulation-systems design and analysis should resolve the applicability of the methodologies to real systems. The range and quality of the physical and thermal property data of the materials comprising the thermal insulation system limit the calculation accuracy. Persons using this practice must have a knowledge of the practical application of heat transfer

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ICS: 27.220 - Varmegenvinding. Varmeisolering

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