DS/HD 632 S3:2016

Kabler med ekstruderet isolation og tilbehør til nominelle spændinger over 36 kV (Um = 42 kV) op til 150 kV (Um = 170 KV)

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This Part 1 of HD 632 specifies test methods and requirements for power cable systems, cables alone and accessories alone, for fixed installations and for rated voltages above 36 kV (Um = 42 kV) up to and including 150 kV (Um = 170 kV).
Depending on the design and the system conditions, additional or even fewer tests or other requirements which are not described in the Part 1 can be specified in the particular sections of Parts 3 to 11.
In these parts each section is either:
1) A full tabulation showing how the particular section either agrees, or deviates from, each clause of Part 1; or
2) A reduced tabulation showing only those places where the particular section deviates from Part 1.
The requirements apply to single-core cables and to individually screened three-core cables and to their accessories for usual conditions of installation and operation, but not to special cables and their accessories, such as submarine cables, for which modifications to the standard tests may be necessary or special test conditions may need to be devised.
This standard does not cover transition joints between cables with extruded insulation and paper insulated cables.

Antal sider: 497

Udgivet: 2016-09-15

Godkendelsesdato: 2016-08-11

Internationale relationer : HD 632 S3:2016 IDT

ICS: 29.060.20 - Kabler

Varenummer: M265926

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