DS/TBR 33:1998#

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This Technical Basis for Regulation (TBR) specifies the technical requirements under articles 4(c) to 4(f) of Directive 91/263/EEC for Terminal Equipment (TE) to be attached to the pan-European Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) at an interface at the T reference point or coincident S and T reference point for a basic access. These requirements are intended to ensure that the essential requirements of Directive 91/263/EEC continue to be met when up to eight Terminal Equipments are simultaneously connected at the coincident S and T reference point. These requirements are taken from TBR 3 [9], ETS 300 007 [10], ETS 300 047-3 [12], ETS 300 012 [11], ETS 300 102-1 [13] and ETS 300 125 [14]. This TBR does not contain the essential requirements of Article 4 (g) for interworking via the public network, and so does not provide any guarantee of correct terminal-to-terminal operation.

Antal sider: 115

Udgivet: 1998-10-28

Godkendelsesdato: 1998-04-22

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ICS: 33.080 - ISDN (Serviceintegreret digitalnet)

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