DS/CLC/TR 50627:2015

Undersøgelsesrapport om elektromagnetisk interferens mellem elektrisk udstyr/elektriske systemer i frekvensområdet under 150 kHz

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This Technical Report is based on two Study Reports of CLC/SC 205A, having been worked out by their Task Force EMI [1a][1b] and provides the results and findings of these documents. It was created with the help and input from a broad range of involved stakeholders: network operators, equipment manufacturers, universities, accredited test houses and consultants.
Beside the actual standardization situation it reflects the current emission situation found in supply networks and installations and describes electromagnetic interference (EMI) cases from twelve countries; investigation and analysis of the latter show a wide range of different types of electrical devices to be considered as a source or a victim of related EMI.
This Technical Report highlights the occurrence of high levels of non-intentional emissions (NIE) in the considered frequency range, including values up to and exceeding the standardized limits for intentional signals from mains communicating systems (MCS), which also implies a high potential to cause EMI to other electrical equipment. On the other hand, several types of equipment show susceptibility to related emissions, being insufficiently immune.
The Technical Report addresses the following issues:
- a number of different types of electrical equipment are generating such emissions and/or are susceptible, to such, thus representing EMI potential, as a source or a victim of such EMI;
- the interaction of electrical equipment in a certain supply area respectively installation, with its complex and volatile impedance character, as having an additional EMI potential; that besides NIE from general electrical equipment and signals from MCS and technically being quite different from emissions;
- the fact that besides the conducted interference also radiated interference from NIE or signals from MCS, through the magnetic H-field following to related currents on the mains, is to be considered, what is of some importance also for the interference-f ...

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Udgivet: 2015-12-10

Godkendelsesdato: 2015-11-27

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ICS: 33.100.01 - Elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet. Generelt

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