DS/EN ISO 21597-1:2020

Informationscontainer til dataoverdragelse – Udvekslingsspecifikationer – Del 1: Container

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This standard defines a generic container format to store a delivered set of documents, including
a means to link otherwise disconnected data. In this context, the term document refers to any
digital resource that provides information about the built or natural environment, including, but
not limited to, any 2D or 3D representation or model, spreadsheet, image or text-based digital
This standard is suitable for all parties dealing with information concerning the built
environment, where there is a need to exchange multiple documents and their
interrelationships, either as part of the process or as contracted deliverables. The format is
intended to use resources either included in the container (such as documents) or referenced
remotely (such as web resources). A key feature is that the container can include information
about the relationships between the documents. Relevant use-cases reflect the need for
information exchange during the entire life cycle of any built asset and may include, but is not
limited to, the handover of
1. a published bidding package,
2. required project deliverables at a specific project stage,
3. shared information as background or for further development, or
4. published approval packages.

Antal sider: 54

Udgivet: 2020-04-30

Godkendelsesdato: 2020-04-27

Internationale relationer : EN ISO 21597-1:2020 IDT ISO 21597-1:2020 IDT

ICS: 91.010.01 - Byggeindustri. Generelt

Varenummer: M327531

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  • CEN/TC 442
  • ISO/TC 59/SC 13
  • ISO/TC 59/SC 13/WG 8

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