DS/ISO/TR 15686-11:2014

Bygge- og anlægsaktiver – Levetidsplanlægning – Terminologi

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ISO/TR 15686-11:2014 provides a compilation of the terms and definitions of concepts that have been standardized to establish a vocabulary applicable to the aspects of both the construction and use of a building or civil engineering works and the service life planning of the same, as applied in the documents of ISO/TC 59/SC 14 Design life.
ISO/TR 15686-11:2014 consists of terms and definitions included in the different parts of ISO 15686, along with their abbreviated designations, where applicable.
The terms and definitions of concepts listed in Clause 3, along with any relevant abbreviated designations, include those representing concepts that have been standardized and/or applied within SC 14, as well as a number of others that have originally been developed elsewhere within the ISO technical structure. A cross reference is included in each of the definitions to the specific part of ISO 15686 in which the concept is defined, as well as to the International Standard (s) from where the definition originates, unless otherwise noted.

Antal sider: 36

Udgivet: 2021-02-05

Godkendelsesdato: 2021-02-03

Internationale relationer : ISO/TR 15686-11:2014 IDT

ICS: 91.040.01 - Bygninger. Generelt

Varenummer: M348521

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  • ISO/TC 59/SC 14
  • ISO/TC 59/SC 14/WG 5

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