ASTM D6087 - 08(2015)e1

Standard Test Method for Evaluating Asphalt-Covered Concrete Bridge Decks Using Ground Penetrating Radar

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1.1 This test method covers several ground penetrating radar (GPR) evaluation procedures that can be used to evaluate the condition of concrete bridge decks overlaid with asphaltic concrete wearing surfaces. These procedures can also be used for bridge decks overlaid with portland cement concrete and for bridge decks without an overlay. Specifically, this test method predicts the presence or absence of concrete or rebar deterioration at or above the level of the top layer of reinforcing bar.1.2 Deterioration in concrete bridge decks is manifested by the corrosion of embedded reinforcement or the decomposition of concrete, or both. The most serious form of deterioration is that which is caused by corrosion of embedded reinforcement. Corrosion may be initiated by deicing salts, used for snow and ice control in the winter months, penetrating the concrete. In arid climates, the corrosion can be initiated by chloride ions contained in the mix ingredients. Deterioration may also be initiat

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