ASTM E1353 - 16

Standard Test Methods for Cigarette Ignition Resistance of Components of Upholstered Furniture

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1.1 This is a fire-test-response standard.1.2 These test methods are designed for the assessment of the resistance of upholstered furniture component assemblies to combustion after exposure to smoldering cigarettes under specified conditions.1.3 The tests apply to upholstered furniture components—cover fabrics, interior fabrics, welt cords, decking materials, barrier materials, and filling or padding materials including but not limited to: battings of natural or man-made fibers, foamed or cellular filling materials, resilient pads of natural or man-made fibers, and loose particulate filling materials (such as shredded polyurethane or feathers and down).1.4 The individual test methods and the materials to which they apply are as follows: 1.4.1 Cover Fabric Test—Applies to outer cover fabrics (see Sections 10 and 11).1.4.2 Interior Fabric Test—Applies to interior fabrics used in intimate contact with outer fabrics (see Sections 12 and 13).1.4.3 Welt Cord Test—Applies to welt cord (see

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