ASTM E1537 - 16

Standard Test Method for Fire Testing of Upholstered Furniture

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1.1 This is a fire-test-response standard.1.2 The purpose of this test method is to determine the burning behavior of upholstered furniture used in public occupancies by measuring specific fire-test responses when the specimen of furniture is subjected to a specified flaming ignition source under well-ventilated conditions.1.3 Data are obtained describing the burning behavior from a specific ignition source until all burning has ceased, a period of 1 h has elapsed, or flashover appears inevitable.1.4 This test method does not provide information on the fire performance of upholstered furniture in fire conditions other than those conditions specified. In particular, this test method does not apply to smoldering ignition by cigarettes. See X1.6 for further information.1.5 The rate of heat release of the burning specimen is measured by an oxygen consumption method. See X1.6.4 for further information.1.6 The production of light obscuring smoke is measured and the concentrations of certai

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