ASTM F1550 - 16

Standard Test Method for Determination of Fire-Test-Response Characteristics of Components or Composites of Mattresses or Furniture for Use in Correctional Facilities after Exposure to Vandalism, by Employing a Bench Scale Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter

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1.1 This fire-test-response test method is designed for use to determine various fire-test-response characteristics, including ignitability and heat release rate, from composites of mattresses or furniture, or correctional facilities, which have been vandalized in a prescribed manner to expose the filling material, by using a bench scale oxygen consumption calorimeter.1.2 This test method provides for measurements of the time to sustained flaming, heat release rate, peak and total heat release, and effective heat of combustion at a constant radiant initial test heat flux of 35 kW/m2. See 5.7 for limitations.1.3 The apparatus used in this test method is also capable of determining heat release data at different initial test heat fluxes.1.4 The specimen is oriented horizontally and a spark ignition source is used.1.5 All fire-test-response characteristics are determined using the apparatus and the procedures described in Test Method E1354.1.6 The tests are done on bench-scale specimens

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