DSF/ISO/DIS 7170 ( Forslag )

Møbler – Opbevaringsenheder – Prøvningsmetoder til bestemmelse af styrke, holdbarhed og stabilitet

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This document specifies test methods for determining the strength, durability and stability of storage
units that are fully assembled and ready for use, including their movable and non-movable parts.
The tests consist of the application, to various parts of the unit, of loads, forces and velocities simulating
normal functional use, as well as foreseeable misuse, that might reasonably be expected to occur.
With the exception of the deflection and sustained load tests in Clause 6, the tests are designed to
evaluate properties without regard to materials, design/construction or manufacturing processes.
The test results are only valid for the unit/component tested. These results can be used to represent
the performance of production models provided that the tested model is representative of the
production model.
Tests carried out according to these test methods are intended to demonstrate the ability of the item
to give satisfactory service in its intended environment. The tests have been developed for units/
components that have not been in use. However, when properly justified, they can be used for failure
The strength and durability tests do not assess the structure of the building, e.g. the strength of wall
hanging cabinets includes only the cabinet and the parts used for the attachment. The wall and the
attachment into the wall are not included.

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Internationale relationer : ISO/DIS 7170 IDT

ICS: 97.140 - Møbler

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  • ISO/TC 136
  • ISO/TC 136/WG 3

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