DS/EN ISO 2106:2020

Anodisering af aluminium og aluminiumlegeringer – Bestemmelse af masse pr. enhedsareal (overfladetæthed) af anodiske oxidbelægninger – Gravimetrisk metode

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This document specifies a gravimetric method for determining the mass per unit area (surface density) of anodic oxidation coatings on aluminium and its alloys.

The method is applicable to all oxidation coatings formed by anodizing aluminium and its alloys, either cast or wrought, and is suitable for most aluminium alloys, except those in which the mass fraction of copper is greater than 6 %.

NOTE 1 – A high content of copper in the alloy can lead to increased dissolution of the substrate aluminium.

NOTE 2 – If the thickness is known with sufficient precision (for example, using the method specified in ISO 2128), the determination of the mass per unit area (surface density) of the coatings will enable its apparent density to be calculated. Conversely, if the conditions of application of the coating and its density are known, the determination of its mass per unit area (surface density) can permit the calculation of the average mass and an approximate evaluation of the thickness (see Clause 9).

Antal sider: 18

Udgivet: 2020-01-22

Godkendelsesdato: 2020-01-20

Internationale relationer: EN ISO 2106:2020 IDT ISO 2106:2019 IDT

ICS: 25.220.20 - Overfladebehandling

Varenummer: M331150

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