DSF/FprEN ISO 128-1 ( Forslag )

Teknisk produktdokumentation (TPD) – Generelle principper for gengivelse – Del 1: Introduktion og grundlæggende krav

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This part of ISO 128 gives general rules for the execution of technical drawings (2D and 3D), as
well as presenting the structure of the other parts of ISO 128. In all, ISO 128 specifies the graphical
representation of objects on technical drawings with the aim of facilitating the international exchange
of information on drawings and ensuring their uniformity in a comprehensive system . This part of
ISO 128 is applicable to mechanical engineering, construction, architectural and ship building technical
drawings. It is applicable to both manual and computer-based technical drawings.
For the purpose of this International Standard the term “technical drawing” shall be interpreted in
the broadest possible sense encompassing the total package of documentation specifying the product
(workpiece, subassembly, assembly).

Antal sider: 14

Internationale relationer: FprEN ISO 128-1 IDT ISO 128-1:2020 IDT

ICS: 01.100.01 - Teknisk tegning. Generelt

Varenummer: M334505

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  • CEN/SS F01
  • ISO/TC 10
  • ISO/TC 10
  • ISO/TC 10
  • ISO/TC 10/WG 19
  • ISO/TC 10/WG 19
  • ISO/TC 10/WG 19

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