DSF/prEN 115-2 ( Forslag )

Rulletrapper og rullefortove – Sikkerhed – Del 2: Regler for forbedring af sikkerhed på eksisterende rulletrapper og rullefortove



This document gives rules for improving the safety of existing escalators and moving walks with the aim of reaching an equivalent level of safety to that of a newly installed escalator and moving walk by the application of today’s state of the art for safety.

NOTE – Due to situations such as the existing machine or building designs, it may not be possible in all cases to reach today’s state of the art for safety. Nevertheless the objective is to improve the level of safety wherever possible.

This document includes the improvement of safety of existing escalators and moving walks for:

a) users;

b) maintenance and inspection personnel;

c) persons outside the escalator or moving walk (but in its immediate vicinity);

d) authorised persons.

This document is not applicable to:

a) safety during transport, installation, repairs and dismantling of escalators and moving walks;

b) spiral escalators;

c) accelerating moving walks.

However, this document can usefully be taken as a reference basis.

Antal sider: 34

Internationale relationer : prEN 115-2 IDT

ICS: 91.140.90 - Elevatorer. Rullende trapper

Varenummer: M338438

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  • CEN/TC 10
  • CEN/TC 10/WG 2

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