ISO 16204:2012

Durability -- Service life design of concrete structures

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(1) This International Standard specifies principles and recommends procedures for the verification of the durability of concrete structures subject to:
– known or foreseeable environmental actions causing material deterioration ultimately leading to failure of performance;
– material deterioration without aggressiveness from the structure’s external environment, termed self-aging.
NOTE – The inclusion of, for example, chlorides to the concrete mix might cause deterioration over time without the ingress of additional chlorides from the environment.
(2) This International Standard is intended for the use by national standardization bodies when establishing or validating their requirements for durability of concrete structures. The standard may also be applied:
– for the assessment of remaining service life of existing structures; and
– for the design of service life of new structures provided quantified parameters on levels of reliability and design parameters are given in a national annex to this International Standard;
(3) Fatigue failure due to cyclic stress is not within the scope of this International Standard.

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Udgivet: 2012-08-28

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ICS: 91.080.40 - Betonkonstruktioner

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  • ISO/TC 71/SC 3

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