ASTM A1076/A1076M - 20

Standard Specification for Cold Formed Carbon Structural Steel Tubing Made from Metallic Precoated Sheet Steel

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1.1 This specification covers round, square, rectangular, and special shape, electric-resistance-welded structural tubing produced from precoated sheet steel with the following coatings on both sides: zinc (galvanized) or 55% aluminum-zinc alloy or zinc-5?% aluminum alloy-coated. This product is intended for applications requiring minimum mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of both exterior and interior surfaces.1.2 This specification covers:1.2.1 Three grades of round tubing and three grades of shaped tubing, identified in Table 1 (Chemical Requirements), Table 2 (Mechanical Requirements of Round Structural Tubing), and Table 3 (Mechanical Requirements of Shaped Structural Tubing).1.2.2 Three different types of coating composition/designations (Section 7).1.3 This specification is applicable to orders in either inch-pound units (as A1076) or SI units (as A1076M). Within the text, SI units are shown in brackets. The values stated in either SI units or inch-pound units are t

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ICS: 23.040.10 - Jern- og stålrørledninger

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