DS/CEN/TR 16674:2014

Informationsteknologi - Analyse af indvirkning af RFID på personfølsomme oplysninger for bestemte sektorer

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The scope of this Technical Report (TR) is to identify methodologies that are used for, or have been considered applicable to, wireless technologies. These methodologies are analyzed to identify features that are applicable to RFID.
Based on the Industry RFID PIA Framework endorsed by the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party, the Technical Report focuses on proposing risk analysis methodologies suitable for the data capture area of an RFID system. This includes the RFID tag, the interrogator, the air interface protocol used for communication between them, and the communication from the interrogator to the application.
The Technical Report also proposes risk management features based on the inherent capabilities of a number of RFID technologies that conform to standardized RFID air interface protocols. This should provide enough information to enable the proposed privacy control features to be applied to other RFID technologies including those with proprietary air interface protocols and tag architectures. The risk management features exclude fundamental privacy by design features because these should be the subject of revisions and enhancements to technology standards. The risk management features defined in this Technical Report are considered applicable to current and future implementations of RFID based on existing technology. As such, this Technical Report is considered as input into a standard procedure for undertaking an RFID Privacy Impact Assessment.

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Udgivet: 2014-07-25

Godkendelsesdato: 2014-06-20

Internationale relationer : CEN/TR 16674:2014 IDT

ICS: 35.240.60 - Anvendelse af IT inden for transport og handel

Varenummer: M274721

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