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BII-specifikationer beregnet til offentlige udbud og indkøb i Europa – E-udbud – Del 120: Profile BII56 Virtual Company Dossier

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The profile BII56 Virtual Company Dossier describes a process providing electronic messaging support for requesting and providing a Virtual Company Dossier (VCD). The VCD provides on the one hand the evidences to the self-declaration the economic operator has provided earlier in an ESPD (cf. profile BII41 European Single Procurement Document) along a pre-award procedure and is now in the process of awarding. On the other hand, the economic operator can also use the VCD to prove qualification in pre-award procedures, where instead of an ESPD the VCD with the evidentiary documents is delivered (in cases below threshold or instead of the ESPD), as well as in post-award procedures where the contracting body requires the economic operator to renew the proof of qualification.

The key aspects covered by this profile are:

 A contracting body can use this profile to request the VCD from an economic operator in the context of a tendering procedure.

 A contracting body can use this provide to request the VCD from an economic operator in the awarding phase.

 A contracting body can in a post-awarding phase request the VCD from an economic operator to renew the qualification evidences.

The VCD profile is designed in a generic way containing a VCD request and a VCD response. The VCD may therefore be requested by:

 by a contracting body of the economic operator;

 by a (potential) main contractor of its subcontractors or partner contractors in a consortium;

 by a contractor to be generated by a VCD service provider.

The open procedure is described in profile BII37, the restricted procedure in profile BII39.

This profile is identified in the transactions by the ProfileID urn:www.cenbii.eu:profile:bii56:ver3.0

Antal sider: 37

Udgivet: 2016-10-27

Godkendelsesdato: 2016-09-01

Internationale relationer : CWA 17027-120:2016 IDT

ICS: 35.240.60 - Anvendelse af IT inden for transport og handel 35.240.20 - Anvendelse af IT ved kontorarbejde 03.100.10 - Indkøb. Anskaffelse. Logistik.

Varenummer: M309436

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