ASTM A131/A131M - 19

Standard Specification for Structural Steel for Ships

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1.1 This specification covers structural steel plates, shapes, and bars intended primarily for use in ship construction.1.2 Material under this specification is available in the following categories: 1.2.1 Ordinary Strength—Grades A, B, D, and E with a specified minimum yield point of 34 ksi [235 MPa], and1.2.2 Higher Strength—Grades AH, DH, EH, and FH with a specified minimum yield point of 46 ksi [315 MPa], 51 ksi [350 MPa], or 57 ksi [390 MPa].1.3 Shapes and bars are normally available as Grades A, B, AH32, and AH36. Other grades may be furnished by agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer.1.4 The maximum thickness of products furnished under this specification is 4 in. [100 mm] for plates and 2 in. [50 mm] for shapes and bars.1.5 When the steel is to be welded, it is presupposed that a welding procedure suitable for the grade of steel and intended use or service will be utilized. See Appendix X3 of Specification A6/A6M for information on weldability.1.6 Units—This spe

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