BIP 0027:2007

BIP 0027:2007)

Moving to Mobility. Creating a Successful Remote Work Environment by Catherine Roseberry



It is estimated that the mobile workforce will grow 20% in the next three years, with approximately 878 million mobile workers by 2009, representing more than one quarter of the global workforce.

It is also estimated that as many as nine out of ten workers already work some of the time away from company headquarters, with up to 70% of employees working in locations remote from their supervisors.

Most companies currently view mobility as a small part of their IT budgets and many have failed to plan for its expected acceleration.

Advancements in technology now enable remote workers to work from practically anywhere in the world. Learning how to work properly with these technologies can give remote workers advantages over those working on site but it is important for remote workers to properly manage and use these technologies.

Management also plays an important role in the success of any remote work programme, as it must establish the ground rules for remote workers and create guidelines to enable the success of a remote work environment.

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