ASTM D6332 - 12(2017)

Standard Guide for Testing Systems for Measuring Dynamic Responses of Carbon Monoxide Detectors to Gases and Vapors

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1.1 This guide describes testing systems used for measuring responses of carbon monoxide (CO) alarms or detectors subjected to gases, vapors, and their mixtures.1.2 The systems are used to evaluate responses of CO detectors to various CO concentrations, to verify that the detectors alarm at certain specified CO concentrations, and to verify that CO detectors do not alarm at certain other specified CO concentrations.1.3 The systems are used for evaluating CO detector responses to gases and vapors that may interfere with the ability of detectors to respond to CO.1.4 Major components of such a testing system include a chamber, clean air supply module, humidification module, gas and vapor delivery module, and verification and control instrumentation.1.5 For each component, this guide provides a comparison of different approaches and discusses their advantages and disadvantages.1.6 The guide also presents recommendations for a minimum configuration of a testing system.1.7 Units—The values

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