ASTM C1057 - 17

Standard Practice for Determination of Skin Contact Temperature from Heated Surfaces Using a Mathematical Model and Thermesthesiometer

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1.1 This practice covers a procedure for evaluating the skin contact temperature for heated surfaces. Two complimentary procedures are presented. The first is a purely mathematical approximation that can be used during design or for worst case evaluation. The second method describes the thermesthesiometer, an instrument that analogues the human sensory mechanism and can be used only on operating systems. Note 1: Both procedures listed herein are intended for use with Guide C1055. When used in conjunction with that guide, these procedures can determine the burn hazard potential for a heated surface.1.2 A bibliography of human burn evaluation studies and surface hazard measurement is provided in the References at the end of Guide C1055. Thermesthesiometer and mathematical modeling references are provided in the References at the end of this practice (1-5).21.3 This practice addresses the skin contact temperature determination for passive heated surfaces only. The analysis procedures co

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