ASTM E2565 - 21

Standard Guide for Consensus-based Process for an Occupational Safety and Health Standard that Includes an Occupational Exposure Guideline

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1.1 This guide presents a framework for a stakeholder-focused, consensus-based decision-making process for occupational safety and health standard development activities that include adoption or development of occupational exposure guidelines (OEGs) as a part of occupational health and safety standards.1.2 This guide applies to safety and health standard development activities in which an occupational exposure guideline will be included as one element of a comprehensive standard that addresses safety and health management strategies such as communication, monitoring, and controls. It is not meant to be used to develop an OEG apart from the context of such management strategies. In cases where other occupational exposure limit (OEL) establishing bodies have developed OELs, those may be reviewed, assimilated, or adapted rather than recreated ab initio.1.3 This guide does not replace existing consensus-based decision-making or committee participation processes that are used to develop sa

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