ASTM E848 - 94(2016)

Standard Guide for Safety and Health Requirements Relating to Occupational Exposure to Water-Insoluble Chromates

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1.1 This guide covers control procedures for the safe production, storage, transportation, and handling of only the hexavalent chromium compounds found in Table 1 and their various hydrates, and mixtures of coprecipitates of the same regardless of crystalline form.(A) For Classification, not Toxicology.1.2 This guide is not intended to cover (a) such “soluble” chromates as chromates of sodium, potassium, magnesium, or ammonium; (b) soluble bichromates; (c) chromic acid; (d) volatile chromyl compounds; (e) any trivalent chromium compound; or (f) elemental chromium. Omission of said compounds or classes of compounds should not be construed to mean that they may be handled without due regard to their particular physical, chemical, and toxicological hazards (9, 10, 11).1.3 The chromate ion, CrO4-2, depending upon the acidity, complexes to form di-, tri-, and higher polychromates; hence, the chromates listed in Table 1 may contain mixtures of polychromates, depending on the method of isol

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