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Udstyr til offentlig telekommunikation, krav til elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet (EMC), Harmoniseret standard, der dækker de væsentlige krav i artikel 3, stk. 2 i Direktiv 2014/53/EU

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The present document covers the EMC requirements for non-radio equipment intended to be used within a public
telecommunications network, which provides telecommunications between Network Termination Points (NTPs)
(i.e. excluding terminal equipment beyond the NTPs). Examples of such equipment are:
• Switching equipment. Such equipment includes:
- local telephone exchanges;
- remote switching concentrators;
- international switches;
- telex switches;
- network packet switches;
- base station controllers, radio network controllers;
- network servers and gateways. • Non-radio transmission equipment and ancillary equipment. Such equipment includes:
- multiplexers;
- line equipment and repeaters, e.g. equipment for:
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH);
Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH);
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM);
such as:
Digital Cross Connect systems;
network terminations;
transmission equipment used in the access network like xDSL. • Power supply equipment. Such equipment includes:
- central power plant;
- end of suite power supplies;
- uninterruptible power supplies;
- stabilized AC power supplies; and
- other dedicated telecommunication network power supplies;
but excludes equipment which is uniquely associated with or integrated in other equipment.
• Supervisory equipment. Such equipment includes:
- network management equipment;
- operator access maintenance equipment;
- traffic measurement systems;
- line test units;
- functional test units. NOTE: The function of supervision may either be performed by independent equipment or form part of other
telecommunication network equipment. If the function of supervision forms part of a telecommunication
network equipment, the performance may be evaluated simultaneously with other functions (such as
switching and transmission) during EMC testing.
• Data centre equipment which is intended to be used within telecommunication network infrastructure:
- Storage.
- Processor.
- Server. The environmental classification locations used in the present document refers to ETSI TR 101 651 [i.22].
The requirements of the present document have been selected to ensure an adequate level of immunity for the apparatus
covered by the scope of the present document. The levels do not, however, cover extreme cases which may occur at any
location but with a low probability of occurrence. In special cases, situations may arise where the levels of disturbance
may exceed the immunity test levels specified in the present document. In these instances, special mitigation measures
may have to be employed.
General purpose equipment, which is used as a part of a telecommunication network, may be covered by the scope of
other standards. For such equipment, if those other standards fully cover the requirements of the present document, no
further assessment is necessary. Equipment which also fall within the scope of CENELEC EN 50083-2 [3] may require
additional testing on the relevant RF ports. See clause 9.2 and annex D.
Equipment may provide different functions, i.e. switching equipment may also provide transmission functions and
transmission equipment may provide storage capabilities etc. All available functions of the EUT are to be tested.

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Udgivet: 2016-08-05

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ICS: 33.100.10 - Emission

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