DS/EN ISO 16410-1:2017

Elektronisk afgiftsopkrævning – Vurdering af udstyrs overensstemmelse med ISO 17575-3 – Del 1: Struktur for prøvningsprogram og formål med prøvninger

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The scope of ISO 16410 standards is to provide a suite of tests in order to assess the Front End and Back
End behaviours compliancy towards the requirements listed in ISO 17575-3. This document contains
the definition of such tests in the form of Test Purposes, listing the required initial conditions,
references and individual steps in a structured textual manner. The part 2 of ISO 16410 contains the
identical tests written in Testing and Test Contron Notation version 3 (TTCN v3).
Test Purposes defined in this document are reflecting the structural and semantical requirements
stated in ISO 17575-3:
– Presence / Absence of particular data elements (see ISO 17575-3, sub-clause 8.5.5)
– Semantics related to various data elements, e.g.:
– Activation of context data and handling multiple contexts (see ISO 17575-3, clause 8.3)
– Handling the precedence and priority levels (see ISO 17575-3, sub-clause 8.5.2 – 8.5.4)
– Uniqueness of relevant data elements (see ISO 17575-3, sub-clause 8.5.2 – 8.5.4)
– Correct definition of the charge objects (see ISO 17575-3, sub-clause 8.5.4)
– Fee calculation algorithm (see ISO 17575-3, sub-clause
– Security (see ISO 17575-3, clause 7.2)
With regards to the individual data sets and EFC attributes defined in ISO 17575-3, the Test Purposes
have been organised into the test suite groups, designated for the Front End and Back End respectively.
Besides the Test Purposes, this document also provides proforma conformance test reports templates
for both the Front End and Back End Test Purposes and an informative statement on the usage of this
document for the EETS.
For more information regarding the requirements against which the conformance is evaluated in this
document, please refer to ISO 17575-3.
Testing of the following behaviours and functionalities is outside of the scope of this part of ISO 16410:
– dynamic behaviour, i.e. sequence of messages and triggering events that must be
exchanged/happen to fulfil certain charging scenarios;
– profiles and business logic built on top of particular pricing schemas;
– As ISO 17575-3 does not specify any invalid behaviour of Front End and Back End, BI test purposes
are not applicable for any test purpose group.

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Udgivet: 2017-12-21

Godkendelsesdato: 2017-12-18

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