ASTM E2920 - 19

Standard Guide for Recording Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

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1.1 This guide is intended to establish definitions and criteria for recording occupational injuries and illnesses to be used for measuring safety performance, evaluating safety program performance, and improving consistency when comparing international performance. A measurement system is desired that is precise and accurate, difficult to manipulate, significant and meaningful for safety program evaluation, and appropriate for accountability purposes in a global environment.1.2 Objectives of the occupational injury and illness measurement guide are as follows:1.2.1 Provide a uniform and objective framework for recording work-related injuries and illnesses,1.2.2 Facilitate use of injury and illness rates as a means of evaluating programs designed to control such injuries and illnesses, and1.2.3 Establish a basis for meaningful comparison of injury and illness rates across industries and countries.1.3 In this guide, definitions and procedures necessary to maintain work-related injury a