ISO/IEC 15775:1999

Information technology -- Office machines -- Method of specifying image reproduction of colour copying machines by analog test charts -- Realisation and application

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This International Standard applies to implementation and application of test charts for colour copying machines.
This International Standard serves for testing of reproduction properties of colour copying machines, in order to help
to recognize the possibilities and limits of various machines and for their comparison.
To use this International Standard, make copies of at least two test charts (one achromatic and one chromatic) out of
eight test charts using the device to be tested. The resulting copies shall be examined visually and may be
compared with the original test charts. Objective measurements may be made for these copies.
Eight ISO-test charts, four in halftone (offset reproduction) and four in continuous tone (photographic reproduction),
belonging to this International Standard may be produced by different manufacturers. Information about where to
obtain test chart layout and colorimetric L*a*b* data to produce the charts may be found in Annex M.
All hard copy patterns (analog test charts) produced according to this International Standard should be discarded
after three years.

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ICS: 37.100.10 - Reproduktionsudstyr

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