ISO 20283-2:2008

Mechanical vibration – Measurement of vibration on ships – Part 2: Measurement of structural vibration

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ISO 20283-2:2008 gives guidelines, and specifies requirements and procedures for the measurement, diagnostic evaluation and reporting of structural vibration of ships, excited by the propulsion plant. Structural vibration can be of global or of local nature. Here, primarily global vibration is dealt with.
Local vibration of deck structures from a habitability point of view is dealt with in ISO 6954. Occurrence of local vibration leading to fatigue damage is rare and strongly related to the individual configuration. Therefore, no general guideline for the measurement of such type of vibration is provided within the scope of ISO 20283 (all parts). For reference, some basic information regarding the design of structures with respect to local structural vibration is provided.
ISO 20283-2:2008 does not consider transient ship vibration phenomena, e.g., as excited by slamming.
Even though torsional shaft or crankshaft vibration may in some cases cause relevant structural vibration, they are not considered here. In this connection, reference can be made to the relevant classification rules and ISO 20283-4.

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Udgivet: 2008-10-29

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ICS: 47.020.01 - Generelle standarder vedrørende skibsbyggeri og marine konst 17.140.30 - Støj fra transportmidler

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