ISO 20283-4:2012

Mechanical vibration – Measurement of vibration on ships – Part 4: Measurement and evaluation of vibration of the ship propulsion machinery

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This part of ISO 20283 provides guidelines for the instrumentation, measurement and data processing
procedures to obtain reliable vibration data on ship propulsion systems. It gives guidance for the application of
specific measuring techniques, which are common and adequate for measuring the mechanical vibration on
propulsion plants of sea-going and inland vessels. The measuring techniques can be applied to diesel engine
as well as turbine or electrically driven plants, always considering the specific limitation of application of each
individually described procedure.
The procedures described in this part of ISO 20283 are focusing on repetitive mechanical vibration (steady
state or quasi-stationary like a sweep) and may therefore be inadequate for measuring and evaluating
transient, very fast changing or shock signals.
This part of ISO 20283 mainly describes measuring techniques to be applied for measuring the mechanical
vibration of the main propulsion plant during sea trials. Same or similar measuring principles can also be used
for other purposes, such as performance monitoring, investigations of abnormal vibration in service, and
evaluation of repaired parts condition. However, in such cases the measuring procedure needs to be adapted
to the specific requirements.

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Udgivet: 2012-04-16

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ICS: 47.020.01 - Generelle standarder vedrørende skibsbyggeri og marine konst 17.140.30 - Støj fra transportmidler

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