DS/ISO 9788:2017

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ISO 9788:2017 specifies the geometry, performance and testing requirements for a double stud tie-down fitting assembly, having a load capacity of 22 250 N (5 000 lbf), when installed in rail or track conforming to ISO 7166.
Other materials than those specified can alternatively be used, provided the performance and testing requirements of this document are complied with.
Double stud tie-down fittings are intended to be used as either:
a) loose items to be attached to an air cargo pallet's track or an aircraft's floor rail in order to constitute a tie-down arrangement together with cargo restraint straps meeting the requirements of ISO 16049-1 or cargo restraint slings (steel cables) meeting the requirements of ISO 20291-1,
b) or permanently attached tie-down components of pallet nets meeting the requirements of ISO 4115 or ISO 4170.
In this case, where deemed appropriate, the stud geometry can alternatively conform to ISO 7166, and the breaking strength requirement can be limited to the value necessary to meet the net's airworthiness approval/certification in accordance with ISO 21100.
Single stud tie-down fittings are not covered by this document.
They nevertheless can, where deemed appropriate, use the same stud geometry alternatively to the stud configuration specified in applicable ISO 7166.

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Udgivet: 2017-12-08

Godkendelsesdato: 2017-12-04

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ICS: 49.120 - Lastudstyr

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