ASTM B883 - 19

Standard Specification for Metal Injection Molded (MIM) Materials

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1.1 This specification covers ferrous metal injection molded materials fabricated by mixing elemental or pre-alloyed metal powders with binders, injecting into a mold, debinding, and sintering, with or without subsequent heat treatment.1.2 This specification covers the following injection molded materials.1.2.1 Compositions: MIM-2200, low-alloy steel1.2.1.2 MIM-2700, low-alloy steel1.2.1.3 MIM-4605, low-alloy steel1.2.1.4 MIM-4140, low-alloy steel1.2.1.5 MIM-316L, austenitic stainless steel1.2.1.6 MIM-17-4 PH, precipitation hardening stainless steel1.2.1.7 MIM-420, martensitic stainless steel1.2.1.8 MIM-430L, ferritic stainless steel1.2.1.9 MIM-440, martensitic stainless steel1.2.1.10 MIM-Cu, copper1.3 Chemical composition limits are specified in Table 1.1.4 With the exception of the values for density and the mass used to determine density, for which the use of the gram per cubic centimetre (g/cm3) and gram (g) units is the longstanding industry practice, the values in inch-

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