ASTM E1030 - 05(2011)

Standard Test Method for Radiographic Examination of Metallic Castings

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1.1 This test method provides a uniform procedure for radiographic examination of metallic castings using radiographic film as the recording medium.1.2 Due to the many complex geometries and part configurations inherent with cast products, it is necessary to recognize potential limitations associated with obtaining complete radiographic coverage on castings. Radiography of areas where geometry or part configuration does not allow achievement of complete coverage with practical radiographic methods shall be subject to mutual agreements between purchaser and supplier. The use of alternative nondestructive methods for areas that are not conducive to practical radiography shall also be specifically agreed upon between purchaser and supplier.1.3 The radiographic method is highly sensitive to volumetric discontinuities that displace a detectable volume of cast material. Discontinuities that do not displace an appreciable volume of material, however, such as cracks or other planar-type indic

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ICS: 77.140.80 - Jern- og stålstøbegods

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