ASTM E1030/E1030M - 15

Standard Practice for Radiographic Examination of Metallic Castings

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1.1 This practice2 provides a uniform procedure for radiographic examination of metallic castings using radiographic film as the recording medium.1.2 This standard addresses the achievement of, or protocols for achieving, common or practical levels of radiographic coverage for castings, to detect primarily volumetric discontinuities to sensitivity levels measured by nominated image quality indicators. All departures, including alternate means or methods to increase coverage, or address challenges of detecting non-volumetric planar-type discontinuities, shall be agreed upon between the purchaser and supplier and shall consider Appendix X1 and Appendix X2.1.3 The radiographic techniques stated herein provide adequate assurance for defect detectability; however, it is recognized that, for special applications, specific techniques using more or less stringent requirements may be required than those specified. In these cases, the use of alternate radiographic techniques shall be as agreed

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ICS: 77.140.80 - Jern- og stålstøbegods

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