DS/EN 50344-1:2001/cor:2001

Rutineprøvninger til kontrol inden for bemyndigelsesområdet af EN 60730-serien - Del 1: Generelle krav

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The tests detailed in this standard are carried out by the manufacturer and apply to products within the scope of EN 60730-1 and its part 2s. This standard is for use within the scheme of the CENELEC certification agreement (CCA) and can be used in conjunction with other schemes. Routine tests are line tests performed on 100% of production and are normally carried out at the final stage of manufacture. These tests are performed to ensure the electrical safety of the products and are intended to reveal a variation during the manufacture of Automatic Electrical Controls which could impair safety. They are normally carried out on the complete Automatic Electrical Control after assembly but the manufacturer may perform the tests at an appropriate stage during production provided later manufacturing operations will not affect the results. The tests listed in this standard are the minimum considered necessary to cover essential electrical safety aspects. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to decide if additional routine tests are necessary. It may be determined from engineering considerations of the manufacturer that some of the tests required in this standard are inappropriate and therefore unnecessary eg. for those Automatic Electrical Controls which can only be tested when incorporated in the final application. For the purpose of this standard the definitions of EN 60730 apply.

Antal sider: 3

Udgivet: 2015-04-01

Godkendelsesdato: 2015-03-23

Internationale relationer : EN 50344-1:2001/corrigendum Oct. 2001 IDT

ICS: 97.120 - Automatiske styringer til husholdningsbrug

Varenummer: M297089

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