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Ventilation i bygninger – Ydeevneprøvning af komponenter/produkter til boligventilation – Del 7: Ydeevneprøvning af mekaniske ventilationsaggregater med kanalført indblæsning og udsugning (inklusive varmegenvinding)

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This document specifies the laboratory test methods and test requirements for the testing of aerodynamic, thermal, acoustic and electrical performance characteristics of ducted mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation units intended for single family houses.

This document is applicable to unit that contain at least, within one or more casing:

- fans for mechanical supply and exhaust;

- air filters;

- air-to-air heat exchanger and/or air-to-air heat pump for air heat recovery;

- control system.

Such unit can be provided in more than one assembly, the separate assemblies of which are designed to be used together.

The different possible arrangements of heat recovery, heat exchangers and/or heat pumps are described in Annex A.

This document does not deal with non-ducted units.

This document does not cover ventilation systems that may also provide water space heating and hot water.

This document does not cover units including combustion engine, driven compression heat pumps and absorption heat pumps.

Electrical safety requirements are given in EN 60335 2 40 and EN 60335 2 80.

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Internationale relationer : FprEN 13141-7 IDT

ICS: 91.140.30 - Ventilationssystemer og klimaanlæg

Varenummer: M326357

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  • CEN/TC 156
  • CEN/TC 156/WG 2

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