DSF/ISO/DIS 10008 ( Forslag )

Kvalitetsledelse – Kundetilfredshed – Vejledning for e-handelstransaktioner mellem forretning og forbruger

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This document provides guidance for planning, designing, developing, implementing, maintaining and
improving an effective and efficient business-to-consumer electronic commerce transaction (B2C ECT)
system within an organization.
It is applicable to any organization engaged in, or planning to be engaged in, a business-to-consumer
electronic commerce transaction, regardless of size, type and activity. The focus of this document is on
organizations that directly offer and provide products and services to consumers.
This document is not intended to form part of a consumer contract or to change any rights or obligations
provided by applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
This document aims to enable organizations to set up a fair, effective, efficient, transparent and secure
B2C ECT system, in order to enhance consumers’ confidence in B2C ECTs and increase the satisfaction
of consumers. It is aimed at B2C ECTs concerning consumers as a sub-set of customers.
The guidance given in this document can complement an organization's quality management system.

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Internationale relationer : ISO/DIS 10008 IDT

ICS: 03.120.10 - Kvalitetsstyring

Varenummer: M348064

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  • ISO/TC 176/SC 3
  • ISO/TC 176/SC 3/WG 26

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